Genius Hour Reflection #2

The topic that I researched for Genius Hour #2 was, factors that you need to think about when choosing which University you want to attend. I got to research all of the many factors such as cost, location, weather, courses, etc…then apply them to Universities in real life.

I chose this topic because I have always been that nerdy kid who has known what she wants to do since she was 4 years old. For instance, I’ve always wanted to grow up and do something with Musical Theater. Therefore, I have been searching up Universities since I was 6. The future and especially university has always interested me and I was sure i was going to enjoy doing this project. And in fact, I did and I learned a lot more about University then I thought I would!

This project taught me a lot about University and all of the things you have to think about when choosing which university you wanted to go to. I used these factors to then apply them to universities that I want to attend in real life. The main factors that I looked at are cost, weather, location, courses, and class size. I was shocked when learning how much University’s cost now. Because of this I then researched on my own time ways to get scholarships and loans, and in-state tuition. But not only did I research schools in the US I also researched schools in Europe, such as Trinity in Dublin. This helped me look at different options and I learned what a benefit going to University in Europe is. For example tuition is only 7,000 dollars for out of state vs the US where it is 50,000 dollars for out of state tuition. Overall, I learned may things from this project that I will be able to physically apply when choosing which University is the right ‘fit’ for me.

Universities World Wide

This helped me grow as a person because it put things in perspective. I have always wanted to go to NYU (New York University), however, after this project I have realized that that school is not the only option. This project has helped me become more realistic and also not be so closed off to the idea of going to other schools that may be a better fit for me. Schools that are cheaper or give bigger scholarships, schools that offer the right courses, maybe schools that are closer to family. Overall, this project has helped me grow as a person because it has opened up many possibilities for the future and has taught me that there is never only one correct choice.

I feel like this project has helped me and my peers. It has grown my knowledge on how to choose a University but more importantly I feel like it has helped my classmates. As freshmen we are almost at the point where we should start thinking about what you want to do when you graduate in 3 years. I’m sure this project helped student’s realize that they need to start thinking about this. Not only thinking about this but I feel like with the factors I presented it can also help them start looking at universities and seeing which ones they would consider that are the right ‘fit’ for them. Overall, what I learned doing this project has not only helped me but has helped my peers, and could possibly help any student struggling to choose a university that is the right ‘fit’ for them.

What I will learn in my next Genius Hour is going to be all about Gun violence in the US. Due to recent events I have become very aware of this issue. It is sad that high school student’s now a days have to worry about this at their schools. It is sad that kids don’t feel safe going to school in the US anymore. I think this would be a really interesting topic to do my Genius Hour about because if this issue can be solved it could positively affect many people in the US. Not just me but student’s world wide would be able to learn from my next Genius Hour project as it will include some ideas for possible solutions. Overall, I think anyone that is willing to listen to my project will be able to learn something new and maybe even understand other people’s points of view.


Below I attached a link to my presentation. Here you can learn all about the factors you need to take into account when choosing which University is the right ‘fit’ for you!

My Presentation


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