School – WAISAL SBC5

A week ago at ISD, we had a High school volleyball tournament. Schools from Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal came. Kids who are playing in this tournament host a couple girls from the other schools at their houses. So on Thursday after school, I went to go pick up 1 girl from Lagos, Nigeria. They were going to stay at our house for the weekend. We came early in the morning on Friday and had our opening ceremonies. We shared cheers, our cheerleaders performed and we got excited for what was to come!

My team played 4 games on Friday and we won 2/4 of them. It was still fun and I loved playing with my team. Then a bunch of my teammates and the people they were hoisting cameĀ  over to my house and we all just hung out. The next day was the final day of competition. It was a VERY long day though, we were at school from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. My team played and we won all of our games, qualifying us to play in the semi finals. We lost in the Semi’s against our other ISD team, which was a very fun game. We played our other local Dakar team and we lost to a close game playing for third. It was a tough game but in the end we had a lot of fun. And the tournament still wasn’t over. We watched our boys team play in the finals against DA (Dakar Academy) and they lost, again being a very close fun game to watch. Then we watched our girls play in the finals against LCS (Lincoln Community School). We won! There was a lot of celebration and smiles going around. We had our award ceremony and then went home. The next day we dropped our girls off at school so that they could fly back home. That weekend was super fun, and I met a lot of new people that lived all around the world.

I can’t wait until next WAISAL!


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